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 A doctor, a lawyer, and an Indian chief.


Bill Wilson was introduced to Dr. Robert Smith who was not able to get and stay sober for any length of time despite his best efforts. Robert Smith told Bill that he would (reluctantly) give him 15 minutes. Robert told him that he had taken the cure, been to therapy had been prayed over, that he had been sliced and diced more than a Christmas turkey. What possibly could he tell him in fifteen minutes that would keep him sober?


Bill Wilson’s reply I am not here to keep you sober, I am here to keep me sober, they ended up speaking for six hours: that was the first meeting of Doctor Bob and Bill Wilson.


Dr. Bob was indeed intrigued but was not yet convinced that a life run on self will could hardly be called a success and the illusion of control is the last to let go.

 Bill stayed in touch and could sense a breakthrough.


One early morning while visiting doctor Bob who was coming down from all night bender and the steadiness of the surgeons hand was lost in the demand of the  alcoholic tremor and the only way to engage in his scheduled Hospital surgery would be a hair of the dog to steady his nerve. Bill went to the store and got the Doc some beer. (Euphemistically called “bug juice”)