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I Need a Change2

I Need a Change with Tanya & Judah


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Tanya Alkhaliq, ThD – Life Redesign Expert, Minister, Entrepreneur, and Author of FEAR: It’s Not an Option. As a woman of faith, Dr. Alkhaliq works feverishly to re-establish the faith of people unto themselves by motivation and empowerment into the truth that all things are possible when the proper principle of a thing is applied into someone’s life as being central to one’s existence. I Need a Change was birthed out of the fact that people are experiencing humanity and as such are becoming stagnant in living due to the circumstances that surround their existence. The conditions of homelessness, poverty, broken relationships, abuse, lack of purpose, unwed pregnancy, domestic violence, religious intolerance, and sexually transmitted diseases are honestly making us as less humane and more intolerable of other people and forcing us to become animalistic in nature. Contrary to popular belief: accepting one’s humanity does not constitute the reality of becoming less Godly, however, denying your humanity is the equivalent of “having a form of Godliness yet denying the power thereof.” Tanya Alkhaliq says “IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE” and has offered herself as her own change agent and life redesign coach: let her work with you so that you can redesign your life and fulfill your passion! Tanya Alkhaliq (Hakham Tamar Ora Hadass bet Levi) is the Rabbi of Temple El Shammah and the Assemblies of the True and Living G-d: The House of Prayer for All People (along with co-laborer Hakham Yehudah ben Levi – Rabbi Judah M. Lamar – Norfolk, VA) in Greensboro, NC; the Executive Director of Phoenix Outreach Services, Inc.; the President of S.T.A.R. Coaching; the Bishop of Protocol within the Progressive Hebrew Pentecostals; and the Founder of Shekinah Creations, Cayanne’s Catering, and Renewed Covenant Music. For life coaching, a speaking request, or media inquiries, please call 443.529.3969 or visit http://www.drtanyaalkhaliq.com

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In relationships it is important to learn to relate to one another. If not, the relationship is doomed from the very beginning before we can really get started dealing with the intricacies therein! We want to discuss why relationships fail... more

I have been dealing with a great deal of coming to grips and coming to terms with many things and what is concerned is concerning the issues of the Church and the inconsistencies that have transpired from out of the Church.

This topic has a piggy back on a word that I heard today, however, God gave a different twist. Men and women of God, you've heard time and time again that God has great things in store for you. When you get them, don't forget God.......

From time to time, we will seek God for a subject and we won't hear Him say anything. On those days, we open our bible to a scripture and turn it over, pray, then turn it back over and read the first passage of scripture that catches... more

There are so many things that we do on a daily basis that we sometimes do too much of. This word comes to help as a partner to discipline to let us know that as men and women of God, we need temperance more than we realize it and must... more

Unity in The Body of Christ is so important to Jesus, that He even prayed for us as believers that we would be unified as He and The Father are unified. . . . .So why are we so divided?

Why is it that we are content with just feeling the anointing rather than pressing fully and wholeheartedly into The Presence of God? Let's begin to seek Him like never before so that there can once again be bread in the house of bread.... more

There are so many times in life that we encounter situations where people have been dogging us out behind our back, but as men and women of God, we have to learn not to let the plots and schemes of the wicked stir up so much frustration... more

Have you ever been in a church where your praise was hindered?