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There’s a glut of sports talk radio and podcasts where the hosts are know-it-alls who you would never want to hang out with… Don’t you think? We did. So we started ‘Ready to Unload: with Cal and Sanpete’. RTU is a weekly New York Sports-centric Talk Show & Podcast hosted by Steve “Sanpete” Sanpietro and Brian “Cal” Calvi, two guys you can belly up to the bar with to have the kind of great sports discussions you have been having with your buddies for years, replete with movie quotes, obscure stats and busted chops. Cal and Sanpete are joined by their producer, “The Bishop Pop Culture PJ" Cacioppo, a school leaver, of no fixed hair style, who provides the casual sports observer point of view, chimes in on Pop Culture discussions, and provides the occasional "Instant Impression". The RTU Boys are ‘talking sports WITH you, not AT you’, because it’s sports, not politics or religion; there’s no wrong or right, it’s just great to talk about. The show features all the Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders and Devils talk the law allows, while going into all of the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA, and even the College sports stories of the day, plus guests providing all sorts of perspectives, from sports media members to our friends with great sports opinions. Tune in weekly to the live show or check out the podcast for sports talk where you can crack a beer, hang out, and BS sports.

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Ready to Unload: With Cal & Sanpete Subscribe to the RTU: Podcast in iTunes HERE Also available on STITCHER HERE RTU: #191 - Streaming / Recording on Thursday, September 18th at 10pm ET RTU: #191 Episode Partner is: DUMMY - A new web series written, directed and starring Joe Dalo and Izzy Diaz. Subscribe to the DUMMY channel in YouTube for all new episodes, including the just released episode 2! DUMMY tells the story of Donny, who has a difficult time finding the words to express his thoughts, feelings and opinions. One day he meets Sammy. With Sammy by his side, Donny begins building the courage to speak his mind. Come laugh, cry and cheer for Donny and Sammy as they journey through life and chase their dreams. RTU: #191 - Main Course The NFL continues to cover itself in glory, so we have to talk about it. Also, there's a ton going on with the Mets that has sort of flown under the radar, including a Bud Selig visit to CitiField where a Mets Blogger got the first question in and did not pull punches. The Yankees... the party is over. It might be for a while. And Sanpete has a bet with a Bears fan for this Monday night that's a gem.
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