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Real Talk | 100% Candid is a Blog Talk Live show broadcasting "The Truth" regarding the state of the Black culture, community and people today in America. Discover, learn, explore and share your views with others; we don't judge and we invite and respect everyone's perception. We examine resolutions to the Black community problems of unjust treatment, bias government system and injustice of the judicial system causing grave disparities. We speak the truth about the State of Black Americans and solutions our communities need in order to survive and prevail. #BlackLivesMatter @Livesmatter

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Real Talk Live Family, the live recording from last night, Thursday, January 22, 2015 was accidently deleted. We are doing a two hour show as a special recapping the last show: 1st Theme: Healing Black Communities Series |... more

"We Are" The topic Culture has spark wide interest with our listeners because we all have come to an agreement that our identity is in a crisis and it all stems from not having a culture or adopting the wrong culture. Black and Brown... more

Real Talk | 100% Candid is a Live Blog Talk, last week show was GREAT we touch on a topic that is essential to the Black people's being; our Culture. Culture is our language, practices/traditions/beliefs and land (resources) that... more

Black American or African American--that is the question? Identity is the most vital part of our existence as prosperous people in America. A culture consists of 3 identities; communication (language), practices (beliefs) and Land (resources,... more

The discussion continues Healing Black Communities Part 2 | We will be examining the marches for justice in our judicial system. This weekend Saturday, December 13, 2014 in Washington DC and New York City; people marched and... more

As a people today we are damaged goods and that is exactly where government wants and needs us to be. We must rise above the diseases of oppression in which we have been gravely infected by which has destroyed our prosperity as... more

The Wake Up Project! Developing concious minds of the color people current position. Teach the necessary knowledge required to raise our people socially and economically. This Group has been created to give people of Black/African... more

Host Nichole Singleton has a serious problem with the people of color and their response to the NYC Police brutality and harrasment. The "we shall over come anthem" is DONE, they have heard, watch, seen and even felt BLACK marching... more

District 12 Community News brings to the forefront all the that is going on in district 12; Woodlawn, Eastchester, Wakefield, Williamsbridge, and Baychester. LET'S TALK 100% CANDID Politics: Council Committee Meetings; Community... more

Informative Session 2/2014 "School Shooting and White Denial" is about massacres committed in caucasian neighborhoods, however, the focus of legislation is GUN VIOLENCE. Mr. Wise; states his truth, he calls it like he sees... more
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