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Deborah Quilter

RSI Help with Deborah Quilter


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Author Deborah Quilter brings you the best news and information about preventing and coping with repetitive strain injury (RSI) and technology-related problems. These episodes are not intended as medical advice; please consult your personal physician. Ask Deborah a question by clicking the envelope icon above. Only general questions will be addressed on the air; if you want personal advice, you can always book a consultation. For more, visit RSIHelp.com, BeyondErgonomics.com or DQmoves.com.

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If you have limited hand use because of repetitive strain injury, you might be one of the thousands of people who uses a voice dictation program so you can continue to work. But did you know that serious vocal strain can result? Instead... more

According to a report by the National Toxicology Program , exposure to cell phone radio frequency radiation can be harmful. Dr. Erik Peper, professor at the Institute for holistic health studies at San Francisco State University explains why... more

What you should know about pharmaceutical drugs that can damage soft tissue. Hand Surgeon Robert Markison, MD, explain how commonly-prescribed medications can damage tendons. Some of this damage can't be undone. Don't... more

Your wrist may be aching, but don't assume that the cause is carpal tunnel syndrome. And don't assume that your doctor will necessarily diagnose you properly. San Francisco Bay area hand surgeon Robert Markison, M.D., a top... more

Sitting is considered the new smoking. Here's a wonderful standing break you can do any time to break the cycle of sitting.

Eyestrain is one of the most common problems associated with computer use is eyestrain, which is also known as ?computer vision syndrome? or ?digital eyestrain.? Symptoms can include eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry or... more

Sitting properly is one of the most important factors in preventing RSI and back pain. Here's a brief lesson from Ruthy Alon to get yourself on the right track

San Francisco hand surgeoin Robert Markison, MD, gives us a rundown of the most common common ways that the nerves becomes injured, the symptoms of this injury, how they are treated -- and that all-important question: Why do... more

Most people never think about the body unless something goes wrong with it. This seems to be especially common with the hand – and a certain digit in the hand, the thumb. What could possibly go wrong? But ask anybody who has... more

Tendinitis is one of the most common manifestations of repetitive strain injury, and anyone who has experienced it knows how debilitating it can be. They also know how quickly you can reinjure yourself and what it's like to cope with a... more