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Our radio show is run by our 3rd-12th grade students. Follow us often for some info and fun.

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For our main topics we will be talking about the Raleigh Pet Ban , A child who brought a gun to school, and texting while driving. Also today will include local and world news, weather, friendly debates, and more.

We discuss a heated current event, the bombing of a Boston marathon. Not only that, but we have a new segment called "Random Fact Of The Day!" By Jalen Rush. Also, we have some new news in the sports realm.

What do you think about the stereotypes of our youth today?

Do you think that schools should take out history and science.

We have a crew of three to do the second morning radio.Today we have isaiah audrie and sophie doing the show. .We talk about movie reviews, restaurant reviews, and about a new Android smartphone app that could hack into a... more

Our friend Hannah is standing in for Isaiah today. While Hannah's here, we talk about her VIP pass that she got for a Newsboys concert last night, and also many other things. An Illinois a golfer was swallowed by a sinkhole. Also, we talk... more

Pets. Why do you like them?

Our class got a serious workout in PE today.

We talk about friendships, with our info gathered from To learn more, go to this link:

Who do you think is better and why?