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On Halo Kids Tales with JD Holiday:  RAPHA by  William L. Wilkinson & Rose Girl Adventure by Tina N. Wade
Rapha, is a story about a guardian angel who delivers a message from God to a child in need of healing. This book teaches children how to pray and ask God for healing and trust in Him to do it. There is no ailment that God can’t handle, if you have faith.
Buy: www.amazon.com/Rapha-William-L-Wilkinson-III/dp/1630680036
William L. Wilkinson's site: www.angelsofagape.com/


Rose Girl Adventure ~ Once upon a time, there lived two girls in a regular city, on a regular street and in a regular house. Those they were anything but regular and is had something to do with their Guardian Angel!
Tina Wade's site and where to buy her books: www.herosebooks.com/   

JD Holiday's & the show's site: http://jdholiday.blogspot.com/

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