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~~~~~~~~~~~SHOWS & HOSTS on Red River Radio~~~~~~~~~~~ Dellani's Tea Time & What's Write for Me, Host Dellani Oakes, Co-host Christina Gigeure ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WRITERS ROUNDTABLE: Host Karen Vaughan, Co-host Jon Magee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Art of The Red River: Hosts Carolyn Watson Dubisch, Wade Zahares, and Mike Dubisch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No Limits with Barbara M. Hodges ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tales from the Pages with Host Barbara Ehrentreu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gate Beautiful Radio Show: Hosts Linda Kozar, Jeane Wynn, Lena Nelson Dooley and Carla Cook Hoch Site: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chat Time: with Book reviewer and author, Fran Lewis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's Story Time -& Book Picks with Agy Wilson, Halo Kids Tales and The Authors' Words: Host JD Holiday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You will find us on Facebook at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ATTENTION Hosts: Please do not schedule a show and then don't host it. If you have to cancel a show, please delete the show before air time. Thank you.

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Artists and show hosts, Mike Dubisch, Wade Zahares, and Carolyn Watson Dubisch interview art professionals from all areas of the art world and from all over the globe. Learn about life as an artist, an art dealer, a museum curator,... more
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What's Write for Me welcomes authors: Ken Farmer - Black Eagle Force Series (among many others), Dwight Zimmerman and Vella Day - Montana Promises series. This should be a great show with these 3 diverse authors. Hope you'll... more

Author & illustrator, JD Holiday talks with Janet McLaughlin, author of GET PSYCHED and PSYCHED OUT. GET PSYCHED ~ There's more at stakes at this year's two-day National Cheerleading Competition than taking first place.... more

Gate Beautiful Radio Show features four outstanding guests, from NYT best-selling authors in a variety of genres, to agents, editors, publicists and icons in the publishing industry. Our show hosts are Linda Kozar/author, Jeane... more

My guests for April are Marilyn Meredith and Andy Straka. Publisher's Weekly has featured Andy Straka as one of a new crop of "rising stars in crime fiction." He writes the bestselling Frank Pavlicek novels starring an ex NYPD... more

Dellani's Tea Time is delighted to welcome authors Joan H. Young - Anastasia Raven Mysteries. JoMarie DeGioia - Dashing Noble Series. Debra Ann Fisk - Irresistibly Delicious. We're going to have a wonderful time, laughing and talking... more

Welcome to the third episode of WRITERS ROUND TABLE. I am your host Karen Vaughan. This months guest is the author of WRITERS BLOCK UNBLOCKED, THE VOICE OF THE MUSE:ANSWERING THE CALL TO WRITE as well... more

On It's Story TIme, Mish The Mushroom Man by Cheryl Johnson & Trial by Walkabout by Margot Finke. Plus Book Picks with Agy Wilson! Mish The Mushroom Man~ Mish The Mushroom Man is story for young children about... more

Dellani and Christina happily welcome authors Candace Bowen - Spur of the Moment, Etienne Gibbs - It's My Turn to Be the Hero: The Escapades of Three Tropical Baby-Boomers (Volume 1) and Nina Mason - Queen of Swords. These... more

Show hosts and professional artists, Wade Zahares, Mike Dubisch and Carolyn Watson Dubisch share insights and experiences from inside the art world. Joining them are guest artists, sculptors, photographers and curators from the United... more
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