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For nearly half a century Roy Masters has been helping people overcome their most difficult problems. As the nation’s first and longest running radio counselor, Roy Masters has advised callers with a unique ability to hear inner problems, heal fears and sexual stresses, and help people take charge of their own lives. Join Roy Masters weeknights for stunning social commentary and gifted insights into personal problems and life’s most daunting challenges.

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Straight To Callers: Callers: Dangers Of Music Call: Gentleman asks Roy to explain why music is hypnotic. Marriage Call: Gentleman needs help dealing with wife because of past molestation. Finding Purpose Call: Caller doesn't... more

Intro: Roy returns from his Las Vegas Seminar and relys his experences at the avent. The spirit of life and how the young can be broken over a life time. Callers: Father - Son Relationships: Jay asks what happens when a father sets you up to... more

Guest Host: David Masters Intro: David continues his discussion about losing faith and how Laura Bush lost faith in God for a long time. Callers: Depression Call: is depressed because she just broke up with boyfriend. Call About Forgiveness:... more

Guest Host: David Masters Intro: David discusses Losing Faith and Barbara Bush's new book on the subject. Calls: Depression Call: Gentleman is having a problem with depression and no sense of direction. Speaking up Call: Lady is... more

Guest Host: David Masters Intro: How colors and smells can awaken memories from the past. How restaurants use certain colors in a menu and the setting of the restaurant to attract you to order more food. Raymond's oldest brother is a bully... more

Guest Host David Masters Intro: Promtion for the Be Still and Know meditation as found on David asks callers to call in that attended Roy Masters Las Vegas Seminar from April 25th, 2010. Opening topic of the show is about... more

Intro: Hypnosis and its effect on your life. Roy uses the example main character from the Manchurian candidate (original version) as an example of extreme hypnosis. Callers: Cancer Survivor: Gentleman is terminal cancer survivor,... more

Intro: Roy shares his story, of how he came to do the work he does today. The war against Physiological warfare. Being informed on how to counter others trying to control you. Callers: Parenting Call: Having trouble with a mother that is... more

Intro: Why needing a woman makes you a failing man. Not understanding women and the hell that comes from this lack of understanding. Caller: Relationship Call: Having a hard time getting over a breakup with boyfriend.

Intro: Finding the power that allows us to be true to ourselves. Until your free from sin your bound to do on to others as was done to you. Why thinking with your "feelings" makes you an illogical thinker. Callers: Call on Fear: Gentleman has... more