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For nearly half a century Roy Masters has been helping people overcome their most difficult problems. As the nation’s first and longest running radio counselor, Roy Masters has advised callers with a unique ability to hear inner problems, heal fears and sexual stresses, and help people take charge of their own lives. Join Roy Masters weeknights for stunning social commentary and gifted insights into personal problems and life’s most daunting challenges.

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Intro: What's going wrong with our society? Why is their more depression country wide then ever before. Callers: Meditation Question Call: "What is your observation exercise?" Call On Society Today: Why women are ruining society.

Straight To Calls- PTSD Call: "I have been diagnosed with PTSD." Father-Son Relationship Call: "Is there some connection with my father and my self esteem?"

Intro: There is a right way to live your life and a wrong way. Just as there is a right way to love someone and a wrong way. The differences between good and evil. Callers: "How do I get closer to God?"

Roy talks about living in denial and asks, "Why can't we become one nation under God." Roy discusses how to survive between doctor visits. Roy discusses how the problems of marriage can lead to health problems.

Intro: Living in denial and not knowing it. How to stop sin and lead a healthy life. Finding God from within yourself. Callers: Spiritual Awakening Call: Had a recent revelation. Rehab Call: Calling from rehab - please help. Family Call: "Why won't... more

Guest Host: David Masters Intro: Coming from a proper place in order to live a full, healthy life. How can you tell the difference between right and wrong. Callers: Victim Call: Gentleman has a victim mentality. Fear Call: Says he has lots... more

Guest Host: David Masters Intro: Introduction to the Be Still and Know exorcise that can be found on the foundations website. ( Call on Finding Purpose in Life:"What is the best way to go about finding the meaning to my life?"

Intro: Why it's hard for women to raise young men without a father in the home. Callers: Addiction Call: Carried over from show K6012. Call About Beauty:Questions Roy's comments that it's a curse to be pretty. Thank you Call:... more

Intro: The spirit behind the movement of 1776 and the beginning of our own country. The root of all our problems stems from our lack of inner relationship with God. Caller: Drug Addiction Call: Has a serious drug problem. call continues... more

Intro: The tolerance for corrupt power in government. The value of stand up in a proper way against your enemies. Why most Americans should hang their collective heads in shame for laying down and failing to stand up for values.... more