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For nearly half a century Roy Masters has been helping people overcome their most difficult problems. As the nation’s first and longest running radio counselor, Roy Masters has advised callers with a unique ability to hear inner problems, heal fears and sexual stresses, and help people take charge of their own lives. Join Roy Masters weeknights for stunning social commentary and gifted insights into personal problems and life’s most daunting challenges.

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Callers: Gentleman wonders how to deal with angry people without getting sucked into their emotions. Call about Alzheimer’s / Dementia: Lady asks if Alzheimer’s is a spiritual attack or a physical one.

Intro: Roy remembers people who died on 911 and describes the paranoia rampant in America. No Calls Taken This Hour

Intro: Standing up for what is right without fear of consequences. Lady’s 15 year old daughter is out of control -- help. Call on addiction: Lady has a lot of anger over husband's addiction to internet adult content.

Intro: Protecting Core American values. Callers: Gentleman is not sure if he is responding correctly to wife's tantrums. Call on relationships: Gentleman wonders how to deal with controlling women. He has been married twice.

Straight To Callers Callers: Call continued from show K6269, about anger problems. Call on pain: Gentleman wants to know what is causing pain in his upper jaw. Call on abuse: Gentleman parents have been verbally abusing him... more

Intro: Understanding the difference between good and evil. Callers: Gentleman just started using the meditation and finds it really works! Call on escaping from problems: Gentleman needs insight into his form of escape. Call on Anger:... more

Intro: Being terrorized and seduced into sin. Callers: Gentleman is having trouble with his wife and son. Call about sexual abuse: Lady is having recurring dreams of sexual abuse. Call on self-hate: Lady is having a problem growing in the... more

Intro: Understanding how to follow your “instincts” and commonsense. Callers: Lady is wondering if the meditation is working as she is having thoughts of regret. Call about resentment: Gentleman asks if fear is the same thing as resentment.

Straight To Callers: Callers: Gentleman father has cancer and he wants to know why. Call on Depression: Lady is suffering from depression. Call on Adultery: Caller wants to know how to overcome the guilt of adultery. Call on

Intro: What does it take before a person experiences love and true faith? Callers: Lady has a severe case of PTSD since she was kidnapped at 15. Call on meditation: Gentleman says Roy's meditation gives him a feeling of wholeness.... more