Roy Masters

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Gravity Driven UniverseGrants Pass, OR — Roy Masters has an alternative theory that blows Big Bang apart.

Masters is a veteran broadcaster and writer who’s made a career out of challenging accepted wisdom and debunking the “experts” who tell the rest of us what to think.

Masters’ controversial new thesis turns conventional science on its head. It shows how everything starts with gravity. We live in a gravity-driven universe where gravity isn’t just another force, it is actually the dominant, driving force that shapes all the others. Gravity is not a property of matter. It is not even a property of space. In fact, space, time and matter are all properties of gravity.

“If you know what gravity really is you will find energy at any point in space, just as Nikola Tesla predicted,” says Masters. He can explain how matter was created, where it comes from, and even how to get electricity from gravity.

You can download his white paper Gravity Driven Universe free and debate with him live on his new Weekend Show Saturdays 5pm to 8pm PST and Sundays 9pm to Midnight PST.

The Weekend Show can be heard on 60 new stations on Saturdays and Sundays.



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