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  • Broadcast in The Bible
Darlene Perkins

Darlene Perkins


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  • In 1980 the Spirit of Lord came to me In a night vision. I was shown the MARK OF THE BEAST, 666 being literally imbedded into human skin and then the scanning of the eyes, whereby your identity and everything else about you becomes known instantly.
  •  1988 I was allowed to see the four horseman of the apocalypse. They have the coldest, stony faced stare, they are totally unyielding, and move at warp speed. I saw them from afar. In any attempt to cross their path. within the twinkling of an eye, you get serious too close for comfort contact with the designated horse and it's rider.. The horseman rode up together and stood still as the black horse pulled out in front. (Famine).

In 1994 while in my kitchen washing dishes, the word of the Lord came to me, not an audible voice, but revelation was dropped into my spirit. The Lord said;

  • "POPULATION REGULATIONS." it was revealed to me in part what this would mean to the world. The Lord said, "Travel will not be known as it was then." We will not be allowed to relocate at will from one state to another as we can  today because of population regulations." 
  • March 2009  the Lord  said to me, "This is why I need you to preach; because of the destruction that is coming on the Earth, there was a silence. Then softly in my right ear. The Lord said, "January. " In January 2010  Hattie had an Earth Quakes and a Sunami. The Earth has spewed out vengeance every where consistently from (L)and, (A)ir and the (W)aters. (LAW). God's laws have been trampled over.
  • 3 month later the Lord said "Preach repentance like John the baptist did. "Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 2:3.
  • July 2013  I saw the Pale Horse with hell following it. In this night vision hell appeared as a cage. REV 6:1-8.