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If you're over 18 you have the obligation of voting.  No, the duty!  It's not about convenience.  It's not about the best of all possible worlds.  It's not a beauty contest.  It's not supposed to be sexy or American Idolish!  It's a necessary harsh reality when you are living in a democracy.

If you don' vote, then you don't have any right to bitch or complain!  You have divorced yourself from any such privileges.  You are literally "out-in-the-cold".  So, keep it to yourself, if you don't pony up and vote!

So, what you got's to do - is look in the mirror and say - do I want to be a schlub, a dweeb, a schmuck, a putz, a numbnut?  And then the mirror answers back --- if you want to be an A-hole, do it on your own time - but don't go showing your ugly puss to us - it just hurts too much.

Vote, dammit, vote!  Just get your asses to the polls.  Hell, Uber is giving free rides to the polls!   Shit-A-Brick, Y'All --- ain't no reason in the world to NOT vote!  

You only have two things to do as a U.S. citizen.  Vote every 4 years for President/Vice President and every 2 years for your Congress-person.  Hell, you could skip everything else - (propositions, statewide offices, etc.) - but for Christ sakes --- @ least vote for president, vice-president and your members of Congress!

So get with it - or forget it!  Losers always quit!  Yeah, guess that makes you all - (those that won't or don't vote) - losers!

So, put up - or shut up!  Neeener-Neeeener!!!