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The Trump Presidency is really just a re-run of the Series "Breaking Bad"

Substitute "methamphetamines" with Trump's jackhammer "Impulse" aberrations - & voila!

Trump is "free-basing" on alt-reality sources of information  ---   Fox News, Breitbart News, Infowars, 4-Chan.

His head is in one gear --- "over-drive" --- virtually continuously.

There's a medical condition known as narcolepsy --- a chronic sleepy or drowsy state.

Trump is on a methamphetamine-like opposite.  It's possible his parents were secret meth addicts and passed it on to "junior".

This writer conjectures that "boy wonder" was born into a family of wealth but whose father wanted a killer & a king and nothing else.  And mom, was never around - due to medical/physical issues.  This kid socks his second grade teacher and by the time he finishes 8th grade its military academy for him for the next four years.

Trump grew up in a "breaking bad" home environment where life was just one big fucking "boost"  --- (be a killer or a king  ---  aka --- what methamphetamines induce or conjure up).

Life, basically, was just one big fucking "score"  --- that's all.  Nothing more.  It was the "rush" of the "score"  ---   the meth "run" - the meth "score" - the meth "high.  In Trump's world it was the kill your opponent/adversaries or be killed.  It was be king - or be a vassal.

In his youth it was bringing women to his military academy buds.  

In his father's real estate biz - it was fucking over tenants, not renting to african-americans, and suing the bee-jesus out of your creditors or lenders