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John Dowd, Trump's Lead Personal Attorney Is A No-Go On Trump Appearing Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller For Questioning On The Russian Probe.  It's A Slam-Dunk Bet That Dowd Knows His Client Can't Control His Tongue Sufficiently But Will No Doubt Engage In A Stream-Of-Conscious Line Of Trump Babble That Will Cross All Kinds Of Thresholds Of Perjury & Mendacity.

So, Mueller Will Issue A Subpoena To Trump To Appear Before His Prosecution Team And If Team Trump Refuses Then We Have A Constitutional Quagmire.  But, To Cut To The Chase, Mueller's Subpoena Is Open-Ended And Not "Qualified".  He Has The Power To Compel The Appearance Of Any U.S. Citizen And That Includes A Sitting President!

No Amount Of Chicanery By The Trump Legal Team Will Get Around This "Inconvenient" Fact!   Ostensibly, Mueller Is Operating Out Of The FBI/Justice Department Orbit And Is Therefor The Top Legal Locus Of Power For This Matter.  A Sitting President Is Just That  . . . . . A Sitting President.  He Has Taken A Solemn Oath To See That The Laws --- ALL LAWS --- Of The United States Are Faithfully Executed.  There Is Nothing In That Oath That Says  ----  Unless Those Laws Bear Directly On You, Personally, Mr. President.

Nixon Had To Surrender The Tapes.  His Executive Privilege Argument Fell By The Way Side.  The Supreme Court Ruled UNANIMOUSLY Against Nixon.  Likewise, Trump Will Have To Surrender His "Person" To The Special Prosecutor.  There Is No Executive Privilege That Warrants Defying A Duly Appointed Special Prosecutor, Acting Within The Law And Engaged In A Duly Authorized Investigation.  The Attorney General --- (In This Case, The Deputy Attorney General - Rod Rosenstein) --- Could, Conceivably, Counter Mueller's Legal Authority To Proceed Against Mueller But Only If He Felt Mueller Was Acting Outside Of The Law.