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As Mark Twain once remarked, "the news of my demise is a bit premature".

So goes the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as OBAMACARE.

This is the 3rd time Mitch McConnell & the U.S. Senate has tried to disembowl OBAMACARE and AFTER 3 strikes --- you're OUT!!!

They need to send these A-holes back to the minor leagues.  They control the White House, the Senate & the House of Representatives and they're 0 for 3 on health care and virtually every piece of legislation that they had planned on enacting.

Oh, how "Tweet" It Is!!!!!!

Trump upporters, you're nothing but a bunch of limp-biscuits, staring at your navels.  You'd forget to remember the number "911" to call "911"if you really had to call "911".  You're prospects at seeing anything of your knockwurst agenda EVER being enacted are slim to none, and slim just left town.

Even Fox News White House reporter, John Roberts, walked out of a Sarah Huckabee Sanders Presser this morning because, even FOX NEWS, cannot abide what utter "tripe" is being shoveled out from the White House under Donald J. Trump/DRUMPF.

I think Trump needs to get a magic lamp from the "Arabian Nights" and keep it handy nearby him in order to enable him to get at least 3 wishes.  You start with 3 wishes but each time you rub it you lose one wish.

If you're still a Trump supporter it's time to do a "gut check" or a long, hard look into the mirror!  Trump has only been in office for approx. 178 days and the "carnage" he has inflicted on the body-politic is incalculable.  He's literally ground up the majesty & prestige of the American White House into raw hamburger --- filled with gristle + fat.  

We are now the laughing stock of the civilized world.  Dare I say, even the uncivilized world?