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6-ft-eight - ain't overweight

Chiseled jaw - hair all in place

Comey come, not to equivocate
But to smack Drump in the face

He done just that today - on nationwide tv
He done smacked the Dump - with those pearly teeth
Comey says Dump did him wrong - with his lies so strong
So, Comey smacked it back to Drumpf for stringing him along

Jan 27 Orange Man asks Comey to kneel
2 pledge unconditional loyalty to Mr. banana peel 
Comey says no can do - no can do
But I'll try to be ever-honest with you 

On Feb 14 Dump ask G-man to drop Flynn thing
Comey counters - no, not for all of ur bling-bling
Drumpf crowds Comey, come on, bro' u owe me
Comey shoot back, hey, ain't ur homie

On Mar 30 Oval Office Orifice calls Comey
Man, I gots this cloud over me - can u take pity
Comey rebuffs, huffs, no way, sounds shitty
So, Dump thinkin', man u full of baloney

April come, April go, Trump stumped, shit-faced
May comes then Dump reloads + dumps Comey
He twists it in & says Comey better hope Dump has no tapes
But FBI man says bring it on, u just made some big mistakes

Comey, ain't no provolone, kept meticulous memorone
Of all his Trump Trists & all those Trump tricks
So, Comey came to Senate Intel armed + loaded
Laid it all down and then watched white house as it imploded

But he saved the best for his real fire
Called Orange Fucker a Fucking liar
For defaming Comey + FBI - being messed up like a pig sty
Twas never true, but something Mr. liar pulled out of the blue

So, to conclude, amigos, kiss this A-hole goodybe
Drumpf get the moving van to back up to South Portico
You've reached the end of this saga - my how time flies
When you're having fun w/stupid and ur nose becomes pinnochio