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Happy Days Are Here Again
Impeachment Talk's In The Air & Then
More Fun Than Linda Blair's Green Skin
Our Political Exorcism's About To Begin

Beelzebub Rears His Head
Twists It All Around Instead
His Orange Mane Starts Turning RED
Down The PrimRose Path He's Lead

Tapes & Memos Of Conversations Said
Oh, By Golly, Trump's WAY In Over His Head
Where It All Ends Up No One Knows But Fred
Happy Days Are Here Again, Ned

Twists & Turns, Denials & Appeals
Trump Tries To Knock Those Dems Back On Their Heels
While Kelly Anne's On Camera & Stares & Pees
Happy Days Waft Thru Like A Summer's Breeze

Wheelin' & Dealin' & Double-Speak Squealin'
Drumpf Dumps All Over His Staff Who're All Kneelin'
Go Out There & Defend Me & Stop This Reelin'
Happy Days Are Here If We Ain't Caught Stealin'

Shuckin' + Jivin' To The Bitter End
Time To Have Some Dinner With Best Friend, JIM
A Quiet Little Dinner Over Vermouth & Gin
To Batten Down The Hatches, Yet Again

Jim, Let It Go, Please Dear God, Let It Go
Be Your Best Friend Forever And Also
I'll Fire You Now & Put You On The Big Bench
So Let's Just Turn The Page Like The French

Last But Not Least, My Old Friend Vladi
I'll Have Sergie + Sergie In The Oval For A Hot Toddy
We'll Brag & Boast About That Sissy ISIS
And Sure As Shit I've Got Another Fucking Crisis

Mommy, Mommy, I Want My Mommy
Ivanka, Sweetie, Come Here & Squeeze Me
Yes, That's It, Oh, God, Oh, Yessss
Make My Lemon Juice More -- Please, Not Less

I'm The Donald & You're Not
I'm The Cat's Meow, A Real Hotten-Tot
Everything's For Sale That's On My Lot
Melania Too