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We're half-way through the 1st 100-Days of the Donald DRUMPF TRAUMA!

Sean Spicer at today's press conference -- when asked about the jobs numbers report -- (237,000 new jobs created in February) -- and whether this should be considered "fake' news like all of the previous job reports under President Obama -- said without missing a beat or batting an eye --

The president asked me to state that --

The previous ones could be considered fake --- BUT --- the February report can be considered LEGIT.

Therein lies the sum and substance of the Trump Tautology!.  What Trump Says At "Any" Given Time --- Simply IS!  He's like the Oracle of Delphi --- When The Oracle Speaks, You Can Take It As GOSPEL --- An Open + Shut Case!

ALSO ---

DAY 1:   Sean Spicer says there’s no DOJ/FBI investigation of Trump.
DAY 2:   DOJ says Sean Spicer didn’t get that from THEM.
DAY 3:   All US Attorneys are fired with NO prior notification.  

Drumpf/Trump, The Liar-In-Chief  ----> Is Best Seen Through The Lies "Passed On" By His Press-Secretary-In-Deceit, Sean "Spicey" SPICER!

In Fact From Sean Spicer's Very 1st Press Conference - The Day After The Inauguration - He Used That Occasion To Project The Bull-Shit That The Crowds At The Trump Inauguration Were The Largest In U.S. History!  Really???  

And, Let's Not Forget The Biggest "Whopper" In The Drumpf's 1st 50-Days ----> That The Former President, Barack Obama, Personally Initiated The Wiretaps On Trump's Trump Tower --- His 2016 Presidential Campaign Headquarters!  To Date, NO ONE, NOT The FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Most Republicans, Howdy Doody, Mr. Rogers, Or Captain Kangaroo Has Come Forward With ANY Fucking Proof To Back That AssHole Assertion Up, In Any Way, Shape Or Form!