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okay, sports fans, monday - dec. 19th is the "big day".

yes, all of those electoral college electors (all 538 of them) --- will be gathering at their various respective state capitols to cast their votes for EITHER Hillary Clinton Or Donald Trump.

Now, ostensibly, The Drumpf walked away with 306 electoral votes on November 8th and Hillary Clinton came away with 232.

Normally, the 306 Drumpf electors, being nominally pledged to Drumpf, would simply cast their ballots for him and at the end of the day he'd have 306 electoral votes and proceed on to the Inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017 and thence to the White House.  Simply enough, right?

Well, there's a "teeny-weeny" problem this election cycle.  It seems that this nation's archnemesis, RUSSIA, deliberately acted to insert itself into our 2016 U.S. presidential election by hacking into the email systems of the RNC - (Republican National Committee), The DNC - (The Democratic National Committee) - AND - the Clinton Campaign.

Well, Guess What, it seems that good ol' boy, Vlad, Vladimir Putin personally directed the overall dissemination of all of the electronically "purloined" digital information (emails).  The info found its way to Wiki-Leaks for public distribution as well as any and all journalists who --- alerted of this available info --- merely had to but request said info and it was provided to them, lock, stock + barrell.

Now, here's the "rub".  The only "dirt" thrown around by the Russian Hack Operation was information on EITHER the Democratic National Committee or on Hillary Clinton or her campaign. The Russians did not go after the RNC.

To take it one step further, BOTH the CIA + the FBI have now concluded that Vladimir Putin directed these efforts with the explicit purpose of helping Donald Trump become the next U.S. president and NOT Hillary Clinton.