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There are more than a few of u "bozos" out there in FaceBook Land that are stinking up the joint w/this Bernie Sandwich Shit! I gotta tell u, this ain't the time or place - as of RIGHT NOW! Why? DONALD TRUMP, That's why, Turkeys!

I'm a hard-assed Progressive who knows when to make a strategic retreat and when to charge hard.Trump will be the GOP nominee & he's nothing more than the Corleone family heading straight for the White House with no regard for ANY American nicety, tradition or historical landmark.

This is the underworld versus the rest of us citizens. Bernie Sanders ain't the cat to take on something like this. He'll get cut to ribbons.  

No, the times call for a ball-busting, domineering dominatrix - in Hillary Clinton those criteria are more than fulfilled. Hillary was born to run against someone precisely like DONALD TRUMP. Hillary will have Trump's balls by Oct. and shove them down his throat by Nov.!!

Dan, cut the shit out! 1 more Bernie Sanders video and I'm gonna take out my Voodoo doll (w/ur picture on it) & start sticking pins in it, daily!  Really doesn't matter, because after this Sat., Feb. 27th & NEXT TUESDAY, SUPER TUESDAY (March 1st), It's gonna become real goddamned obvious that Madam Secretary will be kicking it into high gear. She'll be leaving Bernie in the dust. This ain't gonna be that long of a slog as the so-called clever pundits would have us believe. No way, Amigos!

Starting this Sat./Feb. 27th - we have South Carolina & then March 1st - Alabama - Arkansas - Georgia - Oklahoma - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia & I'll Include Minnesota - close to Hillary's home state of Illinois! Just to pile it on even further - On March 5th you have Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana & Kentucky.

By this time Hillary will have insurmountable lead (she already has close to 400 Super Delegate VOTES, alone!).