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Is there a point 2 the GOP 2016 presidential field of candidates? 

If there is it's that the entire political discourse will be reduced 2 what you would encounter in the middle of a school yard with taunting, finger pointing, diss talking, punk manuevers, and just plain body slams + frat house wrestling.

Trump takes the cake. Ben Carson supposedly is on the rise but who really knows. Carly Fiorina talks tough and ain't no friend to the earth's environment. Oil should just flow unabatedly. Huckabee is a bible thumper with an eye toward outlawing Roe v. Wade or sending troops to police Planned Parenthood. Bush has reduced himself to uttering "anchor babies" and opining that the 14th amendment's dicta on "birthright" might have 2 be re-examined. Scott Walker has already had 2 "walk back" his comments on the 14th amendment after initially calling 4 its repeal. Ted Cruz is Ted Cruz who'd shut down the govt on virtually any flimsy pretext. Rand Paul, the libertarian, has gone after Chris Christie 4 his support of NSA surveillance of citizens while Christie fired back that Paul is just a diletant spouting off in Senate subcommittee hearings nonsense about doing away w/Patriot Act. 

None of these grease monkeys should be in charge of anything beyond their immediate neighborhood. The other ten or so GOP candidates aren't worth a New York minute. Which leads us back to the starting point of this whole exercise in futility --- Jeb Bush. Trump was right about one thing, Jeb Bush is a no energy kind of guy and would be a bad fit in Washington.  Bush is merely a "placeholder" for someone else. He is bland and colorless. He's a "suit + tie" + little else.

Trump has nothing to lose + is a man on a mission. I don't see him leaving.

So 2016 is like 2008 & 2012 - It's Deja vu All Over Again - The GOP loses Presidency, yet again!