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mike brown, unarmed african am teen, shot todeath by police aug 9 ferguson, missouri,area near st louis-Also-huffpost reprtr ryan j reilly+washington post reprtr wesley lowery also victimized aftr fuzz surrounded+invaded mcdonalds where 2 wer wrkng-police slammed lowery into drink machine-pushed reilly’s head against glass on way out

"they essentially acted as a military was incredible,"reilly said

8-11-14 ezell ford-mentally-challenged african am.-shot to death in la-his mom, tritobia ford, said son lying on ground complying w/police when was shot 3times

we had trayvonmartin gunned down-no apparent reason last year-george zimmerman-wannbe-cop nut

illegal invasion-iraq 3-2003 opened up underbelly-this country unleashing huns of war & violence to run amok, from wall street insiders-to-paramilitary-strutting stazzi police-across amerika

occupy wall street changed dynamics-new chapter began n u.s.

magnificent struggle by ordinary kiev-ukraine citizens last winter saw downfall of their dictator, yanukovych-much inspired by occupy wall street movt which had earlier ushered n arab spring(cairo, egypt -libya)

now-w/1% of this country possessing bulk of wealth they are condoning and very well served by law enforcement defense establishment to make further inroads into citizenry-employing overbearing force on citizens-especially of color-with no regard for individual liberties or rights

occupy wall street movement taught us one thing that regular citizenry of this country badly needs to reclaim public commons thru public participation on mass scale against monied elite-politically well-connected.  movement still among us and w/us-must be employed-albeit along different lines-to combat rise in police force facism that is just other component of upper 1%

Police Fascism
Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street
Police Brutality
Police State
The 1%
The 99%
Trayvon Martin