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Hey guys, Boehner/Cantor/Ryan - there's no quid-pro-quo on the nation's full faith + credit standing. 


The Debt Ceiling is no negotiable.  It is not subject to half-measures, like a 3-month extension.


It represents the integrity and viability of the nation itself - to the rest of the world.


Your whole party now exists solely to circumvent all norms of good governance and instead Goose-Step your Agenda forward by any and all means.


Welcome to the new Brown Shirts Brigade.  The SA-Praetorian Guard of Corporate America.


Who says, Nazism was defeated.  Not so fast.  National Socialism lives on - in the form of the current G-Party guided by their leading theoritician - Paul Ryan and nominally presided over by the Lone Boehner with his side-kick Tonto/Cantor.


Government and Big Business are one and the same.  The public be damned.


Whereas in 1930's Germany the Government co-opted Big Business for the State's purposes -


In the 21st century - the G-Party/Tea Party are out to have the Corporate World co-opt the Government - but for Nation State Purposes -


Basically A National Power Center outside the scoope of Lincoln's Government of the People, By The People & For The People.


A new breed of National Socialism - The State is now - Corporate America, voila!!!!


The GOP are moving away from the Nation State to


The Corporate State and come hell or high water - they'll make good on that quest unless they are not only stopped -


But DESTROYED.  And destroyed they must be.