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What you can determine in 13 months

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I use a little benchmark in time of 13 months on beginnings with folks. It is my assessment that if I full engage with an individual to fully learn there background and current objects and then do a great job to present my offerings and willingness to help, we should be able to do something immediately to build on our new long term business relationship. If nothing is put to me in explicit terms on what time frame is intended towards acting on our one-to-one finding in what we share and the time just lingers on for over a year, I figure that the rapport is too loosey goosey for my interest level to stay in tact. I always welcome folks to get back to me on any time interval though. The seasons of the year and the quarters of the fiscal year all can have an influence on how folks interact and reciprocate with feedback. We know it is important to follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. We are always working towards that delicate balance in how much to we continue communicating to do our part in being thorough yet to not pester folks on hounding a response when they maybe don't want to give one or aren't ready to supply the answers they want to give. Right people, right place, right time. Those are the elements needed to work in harmony with folks and stage a rapport to be as favorable as possible. The emphasis in this segment and our emphasis here at WhatEver Technical Solutions is to really master the determinations on time. We are all protective of our time and and timing is everything. If we are unsure of when time is right, that is a case of needing to act toward receiving market research and survey those that are open to speaking candidly with you. With good mastermind approach on using time wisely, one can make good use of time for the best interests of oneself. Having an outward focus is great and with time, it is important to put it into the context of the mass of people and how life works in a small world effect. All in due time