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Why Are You Carrying the Burdon of Someone Else's Choices in Life?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Choices are something we all make whether we recognize it as a choice or not. When we choose to do or not do something because of a perceived possible outcome, it is still a choice; do we remain silent and inactive or do we take action? Either way we are making a choice. We are making a choice whether the behavior is constructive or destructive. At no time can someone else take responsibility for my choices. No one other than me is responsible for my eating habits, party habits, smoking habits, bad attitude, etc…nor is anyone responsible for the outcome of my choices. Einstein’s theory of relativity says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I wonder if Einstein knew just how accurate that statement really was at the time he said it. Let’s look at the below the surface meaning of that statement- Below the surface we find our ego mind and the processes we have become accustom to when it comes to decision making. We also find the unawareness connected with the consequences of those decisions. All too often we blame our self for some else's consequences. I should have done this or that, I should have insisted, if I had just been there this might not have happened.
We can carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and it would only serve to make our life miserable. In know way does our enabling, codependent way of being help anyone.

Find peace within the understanding that we are not meant to carry the weight of the world or responsibility for anyone other than our self. I really is OK that we don't see the final outcome yet. I will explain more as we journey through todays show.

Journey on in Love,

Rose Louise