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Entities Are Nothing But Dense Energy

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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If you are having issues with Entity attachment it is because you believe they are beings that can manipulate and use you. You can change how you view them by recognizing that an entity is simply energy that was created through wrong thinking and has no power at all. We are One with the Father, the Universal Creator which means we are One with All That Is. Because the Father is pure Love all that flows from the Father is Love. The opposite of Love was created through the percieved need to know the opposite polarity of what we are. That opposite polarity is (fear) wich is nothing more than a (false evidence appearing real). 

As an Infinite God Being, One with the Father, the perception that (fear) is real is simply a limited perception of someone that has closed the door to their true being; that true being is Love. 

If you believe that a ghost or entity can harm you than it can but, if you know that you know, that you know you are a God Being, One with the Father than this notion has no power over you. An entity can not come into your presence unless you allow it, entertain it, or allow yourself to be decieved by it. As I stated before like attracts like. Your way of being will attract to you like energy, including entities that match your vibration. You can permanitly change this through modifying your own energy and setting your intentions to a higher vibration. Declare that you are a light being that is One with the Father. Declare that you are 100% Love and will allow Beings of 100% pure love and light into your presence. 

Journey On in Love,

Rose Louise