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Rose is holistic counselor, teacher of mystical knowledge and creator of the PRISMA method of holistic healing. She heals mind, body and soul with holistic methods such energy healing, sound and somatic therapies.This channel is dedicated to all of you who want to heal the mind, be energetically healthy, connect to Source and become empowered. Rose is here to facilitate the bridging of consciousness in humanity. She works as a somatic therapist and ascension guide. She integrates her trans personal counseling background and spiritual awakening into her work. She also does automatic writing and energy artwork.

On-Demand Episodes

Saturday August 15th at 10:30 AM EST / on Personal Energy Alignment with the Higher Realms with Rose Crystal Today's Show: Taking YOUR healing calls, when the call for divine energy clearing is calling you, a healing journey... more

In this show Rose shares an introduction to the concept of energy flow. She blends dialogue, energy work and guided relaxation in her holistic work. Rose taps to the core of your energetic being and reads your energy flow. Let's work... more

Rose shares her journey of awakening into a new state of consciousness. She started this journey many years ago, but it seems to keep upgrading and refining itself. We are encouraged by our inner Guidance to leave the comformity of the... more

Who are the twin flames? How can we recognize our twin flame? What is the difference between a twin flame and a twin soul? are the same. In this episode i will share how to tell our twin flame from a soul mate relationship.... more

Inspired by her studies of ancient Goddess rituals and worship in ancient Temples from present and past times, Rose shares how the Goddess is more present now than ever. With our many-faceted modern lives of to-do lists,... more

In this episode Rose will talk about the definition of lucid dreaming and how to connect to our dream memory. She has been a lucid dreamer since she was a girl and had many precognitive dreams. Not all lucid dreaming is precognitive, but... more

The term astral voyage is used to describe what occurs when a person decides to astral project away from their body. This trip can occur when the mind separates from the body, almost always intentional, although it can also occur... more

In this episode I discuss the different karmic laws and the impact on people, places and situations. We need to live a life of impecabillity and honesty. Respect others and you will be respected. This is not chance, we are here to create a... more

In this episode I will describe who the Lightworkers are, our role and mission, common characteristics, typical occupations and messages. The number of lightworker has increased in the last few years and this is an indication of a shift... more

In this episode Rosa will help you relax and centered during this season with a wonderful guided relaxation. By the end of the show she will have open lines and give you an angelic reading. Stay tuned for more or send your questions to her... more
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