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Is Obama Black or a White Elitist?

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Many people have not grasped Obama's true colors, because the media has spinned his fairy tale story as if he is a U.S. Natural Born Black American when in fact, his biological parents, his U.S. Birth Certificate, his Indonesian adoption, as well as his attending an Indonesian school as a legal Indonesian Citizen, as well as his Islamic studies ties in with his white Communist mother and grandparents, Communist mentors, professors, and radical Muslim associates from the Middle East as well as Bill Ayers, who hit the news as the Underground Weather terrorist and so forth...These stories have left the majority of Americans confused and scratching their heads as they wonder how the media could over look so many intriguing twists and turns in one man's life.  In fact, Obama is 1/2 White, so it's puzzling why the media and America only refer to him as Black, since it appears that most of his associates, donors, and bundlers appear to be white wealthy elitists, not Black Americans.  This raises the question who funded his education at Columbia, Oxford and Harvard, as the majority of students were usually from wealthy white families, who attended these prestigious schools, at the time. In fact, the media and former Dean Kagan made a big deal of the fact that Obama was the first  Black President of the Harvard Law Review, but to my knowledge, no one's read his published writings - which are shared with other prestigious universities, and supposedly catalogued for review after a myriad of people review it prior  to publishing.  The Obama story is convoluted and complex and quite fascinating as most of it doesn't make any sense, at least to me, but his failure to create jobs and divert money from Medicare is not ethical in my opinion which placed fear in the minds of seniors, sick and veterans.