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America the Land of the Free or the Land We Must Flee?

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Has America changed from the "Land of the Free to the Land We Must Flee?"  How many CEOs and U.S. Natural Born citizens have already been fleeing this nation since the Clinton administration when he opened up the borders to Communist China and signed NAFTA and ended up in bed with the Communist Chinese outsourcing America's technology, jobs, and manufacturing, and taking donations for his campaign from the Communist Chinese.  Yet, the American people didn't seem to mind his building up a Communist nation who threatened to blow L.A. off the face of the map during the Clinton administration! 

Today, the threats from Communist nations have increased as well as radical Middle Eastern nations who are being sold weapons and arms according to news reports by the Obama administration.  This regime has sent billions of U.S. tax dollars through their redistribution programs to the Middle East while the American people are living on food stamps and standing in unemployment lines and their retirements and their homes wiped out!

When will the American people wake up that capitalism, which the Communists hate isn't evil, but provides jobs and the opportunity to build a business if they so choose.  When will the American people wake up to the fact that being a Judea-Christian Nation, who supports the right to life; the right to bear arms, the right to vet public servants, and 3 branches of government creates freedom and liberty for individuals versus the new agenda to create collectivism through the U.N., or depopulate the planet under the U.N.'s Agenda 21 or diminish U.S. manufacturing companies!  Will enough Americans wake up to the voter fraud and the illusion of justice or will it be too late? Join me and my guests to toss this hot topics around and share, like and follow appreciated.