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The Psychic Viewpoint will be a show whose platform will concentrate on metaphysical topics, with authors and guests who have experience in the psychic world. We are the mystics, shamans, & ascetics of our time and we do explore the "deep mind" and "consciousness". Looking into the realm of the "deep mind" a place where conventional science has ignored, is what we do and we want to open the path for everyone to follow. Science has little to say about consciousness. As psychics we do see into the "here and the hereafter"! Join us here on the Psychic View as we delve into some of the ways you as an individual can open your spirit and move into the consciousness field.

Upcoming Broadcasts

Sunday night Margaret will discuss surviving, being the warrior and their relation to the sacral chakra. The show is sponsored by Rosalea of The Psychic Meeting Place at Margaret will be accepting callers the last hour of the show. The call in number is 1(714)888-7516. *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*
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Tonight Margaret will be discussing the Four Body System, the importance of keeping this clear and how it affects us. Margaret's website for a list of services and classes is The show is sponsored by... more

Self-love is the greatest love of all and there is very little question about that. If you don't love yourself and treat yourself with kindness, compassion and respect, it is highly unlikely that others will. It is also highly unlikely to ever be truly... more

On tonight's broadcast Rosie is going to discuss The UNIVERSAL LAW #11 ?THE LAW OF PURE POTENTIAL?! Everything and everyone is one of infinite possibilities. The Law of Pure Potential dictates the possibilities of what a... more

The are many different classifications for toxic people in your life and on tonights show we are going to discuss the major four. The critizers, the drainers, the know-it-alls and the dream killers! At the bottom of the hour Leslie Hale,... more

Rosie is going to discuss the differences between NDE's and OBE's on tonight's show. The experiences can be similiar but are vastly different. At the bottom of the hour Rosie will be joined by Leslie Hale to discuss what is happening in... more

This Sunday night's show will be a replay of the Hermetic Sacred Secrets of Divine Alchemy. Margaret is enjoying the holiday weekend with family and friends and will resume the airing of live shows the following Sunday. ALL OF US AT... more

Don Miguel Ruiz is a Toltec Nagual or Shaman who guides an individual to personal freedom. That is their calling in life. As part of this mission, Don Miguel composed The Four Agreements which is a fantastic look at the agreements... more

An unrealistic belief is a belief that there will be a certain outcome in the future that may or may not happen. Rosie is going to discuss how unrealistic beliefs can prevent you from finding happiness in the present life that you have. At the... more

Tonight........What is LOVE? Margaret will discuss the power of love, what love really is and how we can bring more of it into our lives. Meditation will follow. You can contact Margaret at for a list of... more

For thousands of years, people have relied upon all sorts of tools to predict the future. Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards are very popular these days. But we can't forget the other tools like Pendulums, Tea Leaves, I-Ching, Runes, Dowsing... more