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The Psychic Viewpoint will be a show whose platform will concentrate on metaphysical topics, with authors and guests who have experience in the psychic world. We are the mystics, shamans, & ascetics of our time and we do explore the "deep mind" and "consciousness". Looking into the realm of the "deep mind" a place where conventional science has ignored, is what we do and we want to open the path for everyone to follow. Science has little to say about consciousness. As psychics we do see into the "here and the hereafter"! Join us here on the Psychic View as we delve into some of the ways you as an individual can open your spirit and move into the consciousness field.

Upcoming Broadcasts

The emotional blackmailers in our life do not discriminate when it comes to guilt. They will push just as much guilt over the small things as they do the large things. We willingly open the door and let them do that usually. On tonights broadcast Rosie will discuss how we can identify and eliminate unnecessary guilt we carry around in our hearts and mind. At the bottom of the first hour, Rosie will be joined by Leslie Hale, Astrologer. Leslie will bring us up-to-date about what is happening in the Universe and what we can expect from the Cosmos in the week to come. You can review Leslie's newsletter at Rosie will be accepting calls the last hour of the broadcast. Be sure and call in to listen and get in the queue early for the call list grows rapidly and due to lack of time some calls cannot be addressed. The call in number is 1-714-888-7516. *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

On-Demand Episodes

Join me this week as I discuss The Fool's Journey as depicted in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Our spiritual journeys are all about growth and learning. We start as the Fool with blind faith, taking the leap off the cliff and wind up... more

Rosie is going to discuss methods to deal with the passive-aggressive personality in your life on tonight's broadcast. The best way to recognize passive-aggressive behavior is by analyzing the process and purpose of the behavior. All too often it... more

Are you feeling like you are "stuck in a rut", tired, sad or lonely? You are not alone!!!! Tonight we will move these out through a fun, but vital meditation. Margaret's website is for a list of services,... more

Maryann is headed to a family reunion so enjoy this rebroadcast of a popular show! Why can some people dream psychic prophecies while others cannot? I believe that we all can but many people do not even remember their dreams at... more

On tonight's show Rosie will discuss the ability of using positive affirmations to create a better life. An affirmation is usually a sentence or phrase that you repeat regularly to make a formal declaration to yourself and the universe of your... more

This Sunday night we will endorse the energies of this Super Full Moon to release world violence and restore the Divine Plan of Peace. A drumming meditation will be lead by my God Team to faciliate this loving ceremony. My website is... more

Join me this week as I discuss how to know when to let go and how to move forward with my special guest Jennifer Hillman. It is never an easy process to let go of people, places or things but it is so often needed for our own growth... more

Tonight join me as I discuss the importance of clearing and reconnecting to our Monadic Body. My website for class registration, readings and a list of services I offer is The show is sponsored by Rosalea of... more

On tonight's show Rosalea will discuss the symbolism of the Native American "Talking Stick and Talking Circles". The talking stick has been used for centuries by many American Indian tribes as a means of just and impartial hearing. The... more

What is the light body? What does raising our vibration or frequency really mean? Margaret will discuss these questions and follow the topic with a meditation to bring in a higher light body and anchor it. The show is sponsored by Rosalea of... more