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The topic is about people upset with GOD, because of Hurt, Pain, Abuse, Despair, Misfortune etc.. , they have or still is experiencing in the past and present.

This topic describes people having a burning desire to Win, regardless of their past negative history or habits that once took place their life, its no turning back nor entertaining negative memories of the past. No matter of our Creed, Class,... more

Minister KG Wilson a former Gang Chief of The GDs in Chicago, IL brings to us valuable information about what is going on in the streets of Minnesota and throughtout the World. It's no joke about Code Black, so do not get taken off... more

Removing Genetic Diseases, Overcoming Inner Chaos, Stop Punishing Self For No Reason, Low Self-Esteem, Giving Up On The CREATOR, Blaming Others For Failures etc.. Breakdowns To Breakouts For Breakthrough!

No longer people have to look outside of self to worry about Blessings, it's Possible to have an Amazing Experience to know that the Blessings is Within. Name It and Claim It!

Bob Proctor is a Inpirational Teacher that explains clearly why people is defeated themselves, feel like a loser and it is possible to have whatever we want in life. Please share with others and download this show and other shows of the past.... more

Minister Louis Farrakhan delivers Guidance, Truth and Revelation from The Creator of the heavens and the earth. Please share with others and download this show and other shows. Much Success!

Minister Louis Farrakhan brings Guidance in the time of Trouble and Darkness to remove Falsehood. Please share with others!

Minister Louis Farrakhan brings wisdom, truth and history to us in the midst of Madness, Darkness and Wickedness. Please share with others!

Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking in Indianapolis, IN @ 5:00pm.CST on Dec. 1, 2013. Please tune in to listen and understand clearly how the CREATOR will use him to deliver a crystal clear message for all humanity. Please share with love... more