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Redo of last nights reading of my notes I wrote 3 years ago and found mutilated. I should have read over first. That was horrible. I just have hte worst writing! Why I love BTR and DRagon Dictation Software. Words not my thing. Like... more

OK this episode is different. I TRY to read my own writing. If you have patience it will make sense a bit. But I will redo some parts. I took no calls and was half asleep. Played some great clip though. Its basically.... Oh an I said a few bad... more

To show empathy is to identify with another's feelings. It is to emotionally put yourself in the place of another. The ability to empathize is directly dependent on your ability to feel your own feelings and identify them. If you have never felt a... more

Short one, next at 12AM This is dedicated to my most hospitable friends over at Consercative PrimeTime. Thank U for the memories! I had forgotten the Neo-Con community is still spitting out knives daily. We authentic conservatives, are... more

yeah I need to plan more ahead of time, dont ya think? Oh and again, PERRY SUCKS! OK, If you watch this show, you must watch Friday night's show for the real story!

I'm just going to be more myself from now on I think (as if you thought I couldn't be more open, haha, yes) Anyways, I'll tell ya later on show. this show will be not soprepared because I had a show 25 minutes before becaue I am a ditz. Yes, I... more

Or late if you look at it the other way, 12 AM you can make it. One more go! Why not start the day rwith something random? Music for you with subliminal messages in them to make you want to watch this show every night... more

The other candidates may have more money, but Dr. Paul has something that no amount of money can buy: He has us. He has our trust, our belief, our support and our love. Let us not let Dr. Paul, nor our country down.This is the... more

A quick overview, kinda? Most is a talk with Mr. Politics, and there is a time delay so it sounds ike Im cutting him off. Not trying to brag, I just like the compliment Mr. P gives me cause it really was/is concern of mine (i.e.people making fun of... more

random like usual. can you be random and also "usual" hmmm happy Saturday
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