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The REvolution Continues...


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This title still changes often. Id like you to listen as if it is medicine and see what happens? I have a hard time defining things ( especially when it comes to myself) .I agree labels are overrated, but I have to keep the "ronpaulgirl" name for website or else the whole feed changes and we loose old episodes on itunes. classic episodes, so yeah nothing really describes me or the show well, yet. What is that Kierkgard says?, like "to define me is to negate me"? Listen or don't but I can't explain it to you. Was previously known as "A Girls Guide To Liberty" "Ron Paul Girl, and more. Oh, I went by "The Story of a Girl" originally. Listener dial-in number is (323) 657-1438 Press one to talk or nothing to just listen or click link and go to chat room. PEACE. I reflect it back to you and you and you. C'mon Man, make the movement move! Doesn't IT ALL STARTS TO MAKE SENSE (And no one to blame! aint that a funny thang) My real name is B. You can call me MissDJB and ronpaulgirl sometimes! Titled is from my favorite band and an attempt to spread the medicine as far as possible! Aloha! Medicine For The People

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I have a gift, what can I say? Seriously, I have yet to not convert someone if given time with them over 15 minutes. So way to convince nayone is to send them my way. I know.. its crazy. TRy it. Please send them my way. TwoMuchT... more

This will be a short show. I'm just going to say a few things. 30 minutes ... 20 delegates the most possible to win from Louisiana We are out of the Bible belt at least now.... I will ask a few questions I have on Alex Jones's comments... more

Don't ever think we can't win. Imagine it happening and we are creating our own reality. this is a revolution and we NEVER give up, so drop it all 3 GOP boys and Let the Doctor do his work! Judge for VP. Voting all fraud. bring Camera,... more

shows have sucked lately. at least my descriptions have. Sorry. Ive barely had time to write this.

Had to move to 12:30. Not quite ready. sorry. My internet is slow, or blogtalk radio is slow, or the gov't is messing with my internet..lol Hang with me. Your not 76 years old yet so you can stay up. If Ron can be on campaign tril we can... more

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Remember Iran is our earth's heart chakra... We have other translators besides one for America!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGMNecZ4Pms&feature=related I am the unknown soldier Some call me M.I.A. Some say I can't go home again Some say I chose to stay I am the unknown soldier Who you refuse to know A brother and a... more

Sorry, I wanted to say hi anyways caus eIm up, but Ive got to get some sleep!!!!!

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