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I say that before every show and I don't know what happens but 3 hours later and I've said some words with the audience calling in and time flies. Show was previously known as many things "Don't be an Idiot! Vote For Ron Paul"\ "The Libertarian Ann Experiece" "A Girls Guide To Liberty" "Ron Paul Girl, "The Show With No Name" and " You can't Define Me". Three years ago, we went by "The Story of a Girl" I am not much for names or gettign stereotypeed ay (Oh my Gosh its 2015 and March?) we (me myself and I but doesnt it sound moreprofessional as we? WE is just Me upside down. and I do hang upside down daily for the show like a possum on my inversion table. Yeah I'm not here for anything. Not that I'm aware of as of today. Im not here to be DISCOVERED that's for sure. I already made it to my goal and just coasting on the waves. Just here to be me in a country where I apparently still have freedome of thought and speech, so I just use my rights always so I don't lose em. WE all do. Also this is much cheaper than going to "the therapist" (aka the rapist) For the meantime I have Divine Amnesia.

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Follow up on Ron Paul Girl's "Diary of a Revolution" by Ron Paul Girl @8:05 - 8:29 is my fav quote!Free Energy and Love Changing Consciousness Let's move more Right Brain and Less Left BrainThe Energy Lie:... more

There is NO Time for Dating in the Revolution! Response to Adam Kokesh's Dating Advice:If you are a true revolutionary that is!~ SEE YOU ALL IN TAMPABTW nobody screen recorded and the entire interview was 3... more

This is recording of Abraham-Hicks. It's not me, but I like it. especially second half. Just another theory to add to the mix. It's not "the answer" I know. But it is helping us get closer I think.

This part is still analysis, or maybe its the music part ? I added on at the end of this show... more of Carol at the end though. MY FAV QUOTE of her about Rand Paul "Well, When he is ready he will call me"... more

Plan for Ron Paul Supporters and Lovers of Peace to meditate at certain dates and times. It can't hurt. Stay tuned for Part 3 of "an alternate plan for takeover of gop" You dont have to follow it, just sharing my plan to move forward.' In my... more

a silly episode of a hangout but half serious. random as usual.

The world is not a vicious place. It's just the way we've been raised. Discovering time and space. I know that we could make a change. Rearrange the way that we appreciate the world todayLyrics:It's possible to love someoneAnd not treat them... more

talking anout somoething on spreaker radio podcasr

OK. Hard to believe but the last "version" of this interview I uploaded was not the right one either. I DELETED FAST cause it was so embarrassing! If you heard the ending, I'm sorry, I didn't know another show was attached to the song at the... more

This is favorite Ayn Rand clip. Most people don't think of her as this type. It's the main reason I like her, she tells it like it is. When its human nature, its human nature. I love how she says it too. I bet many Ayn Rand "feminists" would... more
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