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Babbling Brooke


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I babble and some people like the sound of my voice or the content of my words. I don't cater to a demographic. I am just me. I like to express myself. I have no ads or anything. I am not here to make money, a name, or anything silly like that. Been there, done that! (can I get an Amen? I know many can relate) I follow the Tao and God is too AWesome for me to define but I LOVE to try all the time. Everyone is God dressed in drag to me. I love the divinity within us all and I try to awaken my peeps from their varying degrees of Divine amnesia. (Note: that's my coined phrase I own the domain) Anyways, my dad named me after a babbling brook but my mom made him insert the E so I wouldn't be mistaken as a boy. Who knew it would lead to a baby that wouldn't shut up, a little girl w loudest southern accent, a teenager who didn't talk, a young woman that talked to much, and then a woman that eventually came into her own skin and found her own rhythm in the words. My dad loves nature, my sister got named after a duck so I lucked out. ( The Bob Ross painted the babbling brook in header :)

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talking anout somoething on spreaker radio podcasr

OK. Hard to believe but the last "version" of this interview I uploaded was not the right one either. I DELETED FAST cause it was so embarrassing! If you heard the ending, I'm sorry, I didn't know another show was attached to the song at the... more

This is favorite Ayn Rand clip. Most people don't think of her as this type. It's the main reason I like her, she tells it like it is. When its human nature, its human nature. I love how she says it too. I bet many Ayn Rand "feminists" would... more


Carol Paul calls in this Friday evening to set the record straight on the campaign and truth about Ron Paul. "Girl Talk" again. These boys just keep getting into messes for us ladies to straighten out. JK lol... Oh to sit them in a room... Alex... more

Reading some words from George Kavassilas website by Leone Kennedy:"The only thing we as individuals can really and truly ‘teach' from is the foundation of our own wisdom and our own truth. To teach from anything else... more

not sure which clip uploaded ....


from spreaker radio cast

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