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This is an edited version of clip RT did where they used the worst video of me ever and out of context totally. The sticker on the forehead was part of a joke. Oh well, this is my reply to Russia Today. what can ya... more

July 4th - What is it about again? Independence Day Not sure what episode will be. alot on my mind.

clip of Just the short part when I'm threatening obama Girl on TV. (Totally taken out of context by RT. But kinda funny. So silly tho

Not politically related.... About Trolls. Who just need a liitle loving sometimes too. try another eisode before you judge me.. "Government (of whatever form) cannot righteously rule without consent of the governed. Without your consent, this... more

Talking w/ Porter Davis of Lawyers-For Ron-Paul. Call in from Evan Kenney, the 18 yr old Alternate Delegate elect, of the Liberty Caucus that got kicked out as delegate (along with 17 others) to convention Anyone with questions about... more

RT decided to use my video without leting me know. And took it out of contect too. But funny

Carol Paul talking about letter from Texas GOP.' Remember that if u can support the show or girls4ronpaul networks, by advertising or a donation, please email: Even .50 cents is helpful!

This version should be a bit better. Carol Paul is the woman I most admire. I'm so glad she can come on today. I think she can shed some light on the Rand Paul controversy rocking the liberty movement currently. She said that Rand never... more

random episode, w a little Aimee Allen and Bill Withers
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