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the title still changes often. Id like you to listen as if it is medicine and see what happens? I have a hard time defining things ( especially when it comes to myself) .I agree labels are overrated, but I have to keep the "ronpaulgirl" name for website or else the whole feed changes and we loose old episodes on itunes. classic episodes, so yeah nothing really describes me or the show well, yet. What is that Kierkgard says?, like "to define me is to negate me"? Listen or don't but I can't explain it to you. Was previously known as "A Girls Guide To Liberty" "Ron Paul Girl, and more. Oh, I went by "The Story of a Girl" originally. Listener dial-in number is (323) 657-1438 Press one to talk or nothing to just listen or click link and go to chat room. PEACE. I reflect it back to you and you and you. C'mon Man, make the movement move! Doesn't IT ALL STARTS TO MAKE SENSE (And no one to blame! aint that a funny thang) My real name is B. You can call me MissDJB and ronpaulgirl sometimes! Titled is from my favorite band and an attempt to spread the medicine as far as possible! Aloha! Medicine For The People

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I'm so glad I never gota job after college! What a blessing. :) This will be a boring episode containing truths that will make you feel like youve been to a whore house and back and you think she loves you. Basically Im saying playing in the game of 401ks is risky cause youll get screwed but some people chose to stay put and not pull out the rest of that money they invested over the years, but really get out now or not at all. There is no stock market. Putt options, stops, whatever, its time to hate the game not the players! Poor people get mad when the market fails or suceeds because they dont know how to make money when stock market down and up which is something everyone should know before being handed a bank account or money. Teach this shit in college and oighschhool NOW or im gonna get mad soon. The thigs they held from us kids birn in the 80's are absurd! It's like they just assumed not telling was not a form of lying. They just told us half truths and thats just a lame excuse for a generation to try and pull over one on the generation that is "supposed" to support them. Well this is all bs. Ive been saying it since I was 6 and I didnt know monetay policy or gold standard then NOR HAD I heard of quntitative easing! Im still so mad about this. No one knows Monetary Policy Like Ron Paul. Damn. OK. Direvitives my ass. I need a spell check on this one! Ill be back to tody this description up... I wont even discuss 2016 cndidates or campaign it makes me sick. Either voting system rigged or Americans are beyond insane. I believe y'a;; reading this aren't all retards, and the majority of us aren't retarted anymore. We may have been once, but we arent ashamed to admit if we were wrong and come to the sane and correct side of fiscal responsibility, foreign poligy, and social reform. Yall arent all insane I tell you!!!! RP f in won.
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another video from my youtube

yeah. weird night also here: http://tinychat.com/ronpaulgirl

form a video on youtube not a rEAL EPISODE!

Just a way to schedule more than one episode at a time this month. I may change the titles later, but much easier to fill the days with one recurring episode. It will be something good. I guarantee. lol Gor Ron Paul It ain't over yet! See... more

Rep. Barbara Lee's Speech Opposing the Post 9-11 Use of Force Act September 14, 2001 I started following her a while back when I first heard this speech and I thanked her and since then have emailed her several times over her her other... more

He took it a little too personally. I meant it in a funny way. Video version is located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjYbuvBUdmk I added Ron Paul's recent speech on the house floor at the end. http://ronpaulgirl.com... more

TO update us on the progress this week in court. Thank you Richard! I had an "off" day. I apologize for the connection issues and audio levels. Remeber this is a one woman show and I do the best I can with my crappy laptop and internet... more

Reading a few sections of my favorite book by Dr. Ron Paul. The Revolution: A Manifesto is a New York Times #1 best seller by Republican U.S. Congressman Ron Paul. According to Paul, the book is based on written notes during his... more

clip form Hiddenmeanings.com Bill Donahue

Seriously. Just visit video sites, cause I dont explain it well here at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU_0BwbNsH4 Got cut off so really short episode! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwOvg1rJfcM... more
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