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It All Starts to Make Sense


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Oh goodness, It's silly to describe anything that's honest and that's the truth. I have no clue. But.previously known as "A Girls Guide To Liberty" "Ron Paul Girl, and more. Oh, I went by "The Story of a Girl" originally. But just to get real here, Listener dial-in number is (323) 657-1438 Press one to talk or nothing to just listen or click link and go to chat room. PEACE. I reflect it back to you and you and you. C'mon Man, make the movement move! Doesn't IT ALL STARTS TO MAKE SENSE (And no one to blame! aint that a funny thang) My real name is B. You can call me MissDJB I will be me again and ronpaulgirl sometimes! Change begins.....

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This episode plays, it just take like 4 minutes to load before it starts. Also I am semi-sick in this one and really tired,... (excuse my voice) It used to be title feminism something, thats why the link is different words! This is just random... more

another video from my youtube

yeah. weird night also here: http://tinychat.com/ronpaulgirl

form a video on youtube not a rEAL EPISODE!

Just a way to schedule more than one episode at a time this month. I may change the titles later, but much easier to fill the days with one recurring episode. It will be something good. I guarantee. lol Gor Ron Paul It ain't over yet! See... more

Rep. Barbara Lee's Speech Opposing the Post 9-11 Use of Force Act September 14, 2001 I started following her a while back when I first heard this speech and I thanked her and since then have emailed her several times over her her other... more

He took it a little too personally. I meant it in a funny way. Video version is located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjYbuvBUdmk I added Ron Paul's recent speech on the house floor at the end. http://ronpaulgirl.com... more

TO update us on the progress this week in court. Thank you Richard! I had an "off" day. I apologize for the connection issues and audio levels. Remeber this is a one woman show and I do the best I can with my crappy laptop and internet... more

Reading a few sections of my favorite book by Dr. Ron Paul. The Revolution: A Manifesto is a New York Times #1 best seller by Republican U.S. Congressman Ron Paul. According to Paul, the book is based on written notes during his... more

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