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Dear Mr. Government

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Dear Government:
I don't know how else to speak with you, besides this... (through facebook) I'm sorry to air our dirty laundry to everyone....
But I don't care, I'm kinda pissed at the moment. And I decided to take out my anger on the source of all my problems from now on out, and that is YOU! THE CORRUPT STATE. There is nothing that bothers me in this life, that can not be traced back to YOU! So I hope you read this someday soon. Because I am breaking up with you! For real this time!
No, I won't be your bitch anymore, and someone else can make your damn sandwich from now on. I'm all outta the ingredients you need and I'm not re-stocking again. Yeah, I don't buy the s*it your selling anymore. I know you won't change... you never do! My grandfather's, grandfather's, grandfather warned me, but I didn't believe them! They said I had to watch out for you, and you couldn't be trusted with too much power. But you promised me so much! I thought you really cared about me. For almost 100 years you've been laying that "Federal Reserve" game on me. "Ohhh baby. I can print money. I'm so cool" it is just is not cutting it anymore. That was such a cheesy pick up line, and I bought it too! We both know that you are a "has been" and people just smile at you when they walk by because they have to because you are "in control." We all know you are just riding out the fake money system until it crashes, we know you have no savings and there is no "gold" at fort knox. I would be an idiot to buy into social security being there one day for me. How dumb do you think I am.