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The Astonishing Power of Emotions

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changed topics...

Again considering it. I've always been thinking about it for 3 years now. A few things came up recently that made me thinnk it might be more plausible to go now, but still unsure. Weighing the pros and cons. (for me personally mainy) Call in if you live there. What if I lived in Texas and NH? considering I hate flying, prob not the best idea. If flying were free, or I could get my sister to fly me in a private plane... I'd just go back and forth every other week. That could be cool? Hard to imagine when I've never left the 30 mile radius area in which I was born....

And of course talk about everything else and anything else ya'll feel like. I'm 95% sure I will be here on time for this show tonight. No I'll be there, even if I have to call in from the road for the first few minutes.  Hmmm, its been a while since I did a remote broadcast from the bathroom stall at some bar/restraunt in Dallas. Those are always fun! Might think about it... See ya then. Peace.

LOVE TEXAS! I JUST CAN"T LIVE WITH THE STATE ANY LONGER. If I don't do something, I might be stuck with in "limited government" hell forever.

I'll still be pushing for Ron Paul as Gov of Texas and for us to secede from USA and then him step down to become first anarchist land. Not giving up on that possibility.

Just for the time being. And since most of what l I like to do is get arrested, film people undercover, and talk on the radio. It's kinda the perfect place for that.

And you never know when you will get "tied down" by something or someone again. Gotta use the short time I'm still free to do stuff.

wish I could live in Texas, NH, Peru, and Cabo and just commute.

I just need a plane and my sister can fly me with out being assaulted by the TSA. It might be fun to move every 3 months!