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Me and My Statist Sister : Live from Mexico!

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Where are my comrades on the anarchist side? Or the very strict Libertarians... you know who you are. I need ya in an hour to help me convert my statist sister. It could be my last shot! I have her cornered!
OK so my sis says its an hour behind here in Mexico. I don't think so . But whatever. go to http://libertyannlive.com/ which is also http://tinychat.com/ronpaulgirl and sign on and come talk with us. Help me explain to her what a statist is. She doesn't even know. ... Shhhh. I'll do the radio show at the same time. But if your online go to the link above. I could use some savvy Anarchists to call in.... PLEASE
Mr. P if you are out there. I need ya now.

Turns out my sister isn’t a Statist after all. She is just a quiet libertarian, possibly overshadowed by her big sisters ereme views and she’d rather lay low and keep the peace. (I mean Kokesh is a statist compared to me) She is actually
more pro-liberty than many “libertarians” I know, but the freedom and truth “bug” hasn’t caught her quite yet. For all the time she has spent & spends in Government institutions as a nurse, she is still the same non-conformist little sister I used to know! We just never get a chance to talk about theses things. I hope I can get her to discuss liberty more often on the show with me. The state just wants to take up all her time so she can’t possibly look into “alternative” treatments for patients, good heavens no! Now I just have to makeT coming on the show once a week something that sounds “FUN” for her and worth her time. Which is the hard part. Maybe if more of you watched next time she would? I actually go her to sing at the end of the show, only Watt Smith and a few others were watching though. Thanks for coming on again, Wattt :)
Was a long show but I only could record 3 minutes of it, due to tech difficulties…She sings at the end too