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Choosing Heart over Mind

  • Broadcast in Politics



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Be here now. Know? thyself to be this moment. All is One and One is all. Freedom is within. The Kingdom is within. Our Kingdom is here/now. We simply need to accept it, give thanks and share it with one another. I send peace, love and harmony with all that is here/now. Love is the way. Be pure and be true to yourself

it is not about names, titels. or even the words. its about LOVE. and nobody can do that but YOU...only you can feel the truth for your self, only you can feel the love in? your own heart, nobody else, can and have to do that for YOU it ist your own howly responsibility to love and find the truth, but you can first do that when you STOP fight against others

We are God, individualized. We are Univerese, individualized. We are the Wave individualized as quanta. It is? not a great, or small significance. It is, just, so. It is so for everything, always.

I know nothing you do not also know. I have nothing, you do not also have. I am nothing.

Meet shaman, Kiesha Crowther also known as "Little Grandmother", as she speaks about the recent, worldwide Return of the Ancestors gathering.

At age 30, Kiesha was told that the supernatural lessons she had been taught over a very difficult childhood, all had a purpose.

Her purpose makes her one of today's leaders showing the way toward a lifestyle we must adopt to continue on this planet.