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Two Weeks since Last Rant

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First about how writing and talking are not enough anymore for communicating. ESP must be the necessary next step. lol The information age has advanced our amount of info consumed and we must be able to share it at the same speed we ingest it, or ELSE we might explode... lol JK.
Not for anyone but me and others that know where I am coming from to start with. If not, good luck following me. But tose that know me, understand what I'm saying.
Look at my previous playlist or cvideos listened to. I'm coming off of a Eustace Mullins, Terence Mckenna, Jay Wielder, Ezra Pound, Esoteric, Sacred Geometry, How to defeat the NWO, etc...

Basically, I'm trying to save the world every night. I am a research nerd and I seek the truth nonstop. And you know the reason why if you listen to my radio show eveyrday or old episodes. So no crazy comments, you just got to try an follow me. Talking about how hard it is to transition from a say "coast to coast" mentality, to a " adoption support podcast" to the "ron paul girl live show" and still activate my pineal gland and meditate enough before Dec. 21st. Hope you are NOT FOLLOWING ME. This makes since to a lot of people though, so others on youtube can kiss my ass. The slave state has maintained itself by other slaves. We enforce the system om ourselves by ostracizing others outside the mainstream. Well it's time to turn that around. I am pissed the fed has been here for 100 years. I must come up with solutions and not just complain about the situation. Peace. Topics, Revisionist History, Tolstoy, Rape, Tragedy, expanding consciousness, Graham Hancock, ancient civilizations, Nibiru, you get the gist. Time is speeding up REALL FAST NOW, eh?

silly. don't listen. I warned ya. Me ranting. I feel better after, but doubt you will. lol