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The Reality of the Debt Ceiling Drama

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One might think that the recent drama over the debt ceiling involves one side wanting to increase or maintain spending with the other side wanting to drastically cut spending, but that is far from the truth. In spite of the rhetoric being thrown around, the real debate is over how much government spending will increase.

Regardless of the outcome of the race to raise the nation’s borrowing limit by Tuesday’s White House deadline, the GOP has vowed to continue its push for a constitutional balanced-budget amendment beyond the current debt-limit impasse.

House Speaker John A. Boehner’s willingness to tie a balanced-budget amendment provision on proposals aimed at raising the nation’s debt ceiling — even though the move largely assures their demise in the Democrat-controlled Senate — reflects just how important the issue is to Republicans.

“We have moved the debate over a balanced-budget amendment forward in a positive, substantive manner,” said Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, chairman of the HouseRepublican Policy Committee. “It would be an historic opportunity to truly and fundamentally reform how Washington operates.”


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