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Pre Judging Others

  • Broadcast in Politics



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How often do we really pre judge people without knowing? Are we not all prejudice anyways by nature. Where do preferences come in, if at all?  A woman says "he's not my type" She is prejudging & never finds truth. But women say "types" and mean more, on the location we see them in, their clothes, if they smell or not, can they talk, looks, etc..) Do men say "she's not my type" to guy friends. Or she's ugly, not pretty enough) My theory is its actually reversed. I'll explain that part later.

If we said what we really mean more often, this world would actually be more peaceful.. and people would "feel" more. They'd know the world and the world would know them..

Now if you are think about a guy telling a girl shes ugly now, thats not neccesarily to happen (also positive thoughts said out loud to you would be nice) But back to the negative stuff, We CANchoose to NOT think it" somethings. Would we become more moral just by the act of not thinging bad things? Be no law on it (of course!) Some will hurt others and others will get hurt. But it would be quick and less painful too if we all said the truth, You could avoid not only heartache, but think of the time you would save! I can already see nagative things to that, though, we need experiences. But maybe have less and with more quality ones. So everyone thinks "others" need to tell the truth more, right? How about we try ourselves.