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If a remedy were available, and the people chose not to or failed to use their remedy, no charge of fraud could be sustained even in a common law court.  The United States only needed to provide the remedy.  It was not required to explain it or even tell the people where the remedy could be found.  The attorneys did not even have to be taught about the remedy.  That gave them plausible deniability when the people struggled to understand the new laws.  The legislators did not have to have the intricate details of the law explained to them regarding the bills they were passing.  That gave them plausible deniability.  If the people failed to use their remedy, the United States came out the winner every time.  If the people did discover their remedy, the United States had to honor it and release the registered property back to the people, but only if the people new they had a remedy, and only if they requested it in the proper manner.  It was a great plan.


With plausible deniability, even when the people knew they had a remedy and pursued it, the attorneys, judges, and legislators could act like they did not understand the people’s claims.  Requiring the public schools to teach civics, government, and history classes out of approved politically correct text books also assured the people would not find the remedy for a long time.  Passing new State and Federal laws that appeared to subject the people to rules and regulations, added another level of protection against the people finding their remedy.  The public media was molded to report politically correct, though substantially incorrect, news day after day, until few people would even think there could be a remedy available to them.