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Respected music critic/history writer Aaron Joy (the Joyful Gadfly) interviews rock musicians from across the spectrum, mainstream & independent, with some episodes occasionally looking at unique/interesting rock albums. Praise for Aaron's interviews from his listeners includes: "I felt like I was eavesdropping on a private phone call" ... "It was more than an interview, it was a very special moment & I as the listener, could tell" ... "You get at the person behind the persona" ... "Really one of the best interviews I have heard in a long time. This is Indie. Need more shows like this" ... "How good you are at what you do" ... " There’s something about you that definitely draws people to listen" ... "The best interviews in music" ... "More than just press release interviews". Based on Aaron's popular weekly cd/dvd reviews blog After nearly 2 years the show went off the air, but feel free to contact Aaron via e-mail or FB. Transcriptions of the interviews can be read on Aaron's other blog In other work Aaron is the biographer of Megadeth/TSO guitarist Al Pitrelli, along with authoring numerous small press fiction & music books including a music crossword series and is former owner of Roman Midnight Music indie music label/marketing. He also hosted the weekly podcast "The World Of Trans-Siberian Orchestra" looking at everything related to TSO & Savatage and the weekly podcast focused on Maine "The Maine Music Journal"

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Three black metal bands from across the globe: Mayhem - Deathcrush ... Nile - Those Whom The Gods Detest ... Elvira Madigan - Regent Sie

Metal bands falling under the categories of psychobilly, Elvis metal & bluegrass: Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures - Rob Zombie Presents ... Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood ... Strummin' With The Devil - The Southern Side of... more

Albums by three NYC bands under the theme 'New Rock In NYC': Twisted Sister - Still Hungry .... Tired Wings - You Snooze, You Loose .... Bazaar Royale - Hard Times Celebrate

Classic rock inspired & related bands: Bonham - Disregard Of Timekeeping .... Hell's Belles - We Salute You .... Tragedy - We Rock Sweet Balls & Can Do No Wrong .... Jeff Beck - Guitar Shop.
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