Get the inside scoop of new book releases and reviews of popular new romance novels. Listen in to get selected readings and insight from our hosts!
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    Jumping the Broom: Romance vs. Reality

    in Romance

    Tune in Thursday for a great, live discussion on what we would really do, and what some of us have done when it comes to making a difficult relationship work!
    Call-ins welcome and encouraged! Bring your questions and comments, and lets discuss Romance vs. Reality!

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    waxers musical workshop

    in Music

    Every Thursday,Friday,Saturday night from 10-12 midnite The best in groovy music, Thur-Hip Hop &pop, Fri- House party, Sat-Smooth grooves and listner participation- call-in & talk on topics

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    Overcoming Domestic Violence

    in The Bible

    The month of May we are discussing the evils of domestic violence.  It is vitally important that evey woman is equipped with the tools she needs in order to live a life free of abuse.  We are God's arrows shot straight from his bosom he choose us for greatness our lives should exemplify the glory of the Lord nothing less than God's best.

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    Wake Up Your Life

    in Women

    Join Angela and her guest as they share the amazing breakthroughs and miracles from their Wake Up Your Life...40 Days to Transforming Your Life. You are going to love this show!!

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    Dr. Judy Kuriansky, "Healing Trauma"

    in Self Help

    Dr. Judy Kuriansky is a world renowned radio advice host, clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, popular lecturer, newspaper columnist, and author of many books. She is a pioneer of radio call-in advice, and more recently of Internet advice.  An adjunct professor at the Clinical Psychology Program at Columbia University Teachers College and visiting professor of Peking University Health Science Center in Beijing, she is a frequent commentator on international media --including CNN -- on various news issues.
    Dr. Judy is on the Advisory Board of several magazines and public service organizations, and works extensively in Asia on health and women's issues, and Known for her relationship advice, Dr. Judy is also expert on emergency mental health services, and has worked at Ground Zero and many other disasters worldwide, and lectures about coping with world conflicts, including in the Middle East.

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    The Matthew Aaron Show 5/12/11 | Bruce Fretts & Bret Watson

    in Entertainment

    A rescheduled Jim Mckairnes brought in the men of "Two Cranky Guys", Bruce Fretts (repeat visit) & Bret Watson. As guys who know their stuff with TV/Film/Entertainment, they will be sharing with us reviews, updates, and cover their recent screening of "Thor". Here it from the experts first before getting your hopes up.
    Lee will be joining Matt, as always. Expect phone calls from Lenny and others as well. 

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    Tantric Therapy

    in Spirituality

    Join me as I discuss the Sacred path of Tantra and how this ancient practice can heal you in EVERY area of your life.  When most people hear about tantra, they simply think of Sexuality.  I would like to Expand your understanding of Tantra to this beautiful, Sacred way of BE-ing!!! Tantra is for everyone, of every age and every sexual preference.  Most importantly, it can be and should be understood at the level of Spirit beforesomeone attempts to delve into the deeper, physical side of Tantra.  We shall discuss how Tantra can enhance every aspect of your life!

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    Guest: Kaj Pindal - Sheridan College - Professor - Animation

    in Movies

    Kaj Pindal currently holds the position of professor at the Sheridan Collage. He has been in the animation field for over 40 years and continues to pass on his knowledge of the world of animation in every facet and is a well respected professor.  Mr. Pindal grew up in Copengahen and quickly landed his first assignment during world war two as a cartoonist. He directed What On Earth a short film which went on to garner an academy award for the best short subject. Over his career he has directed and produced numerous projects and continues to inspire the next generation of animators not just at Sheridan Collage but across the globe. One of the most famous schools in the world Sheridan Collage is located in Oakville Ontario Canada. Sheridan prides itself on a reputation for leadership in the field of digital media studies. It has interesting courses related to 2D and 3D animation. The most interesting point about the collage is the fact it was one of the first schools in the world that offered animation courses. Some of the classical animators on Walt Disney's classic features are Sheridan grads! Sheridan graduates include Academy Award nominees (three) and winners (two), and an Emmy Award winner. In 2005, animation professor Mr. Pindal won an Emmy Award. Sheridan film students have picked up awards at festivals around the world and have gone on to work for Pixar, Dreamworks, Cookie Jar and other giants of animation and gaming. You can email your questions to Link: Follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Xclusive Ultra Lounge and Cafe

    in Entertainment

    Everybody is VIP at Xclusive Ultra Lounge Twix/BDK Entertainment along with Business Ent West, and Envious Production recently opened Xclusive Ultra Lounge and Cafe. The only minority owner and run lounge in Las Vegas, NV. They are located at 953 E. Sahara Ave Bldg E, inside the historic Commercial Center.
    Legendary party promoter, Robert “Twix” Taylor, most known for putting Crown Nightclub on the map, has opened his own nightclub, the Xclusive Ultra Lounge.  After spending over a decade throwing parties all over town, Twix has taken all of the best pieces of each nightclub and seamlessly fused them, adding his own signature VIP touch to the venue.

    Xclusive Ultra Lounge is largely focused around providing the ultimate VIP experience.  While at most clubs, bottle service earns you only the right to sit, at Xclusive, you are given your own room, which easily seats 12, video screen to view the action on the dance floor, and choice to listen to the in-house music, play your own music, or spin to your own crowd.

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    I will surprise You

    in Self Help

    Topics and subject will vary,be prepared.

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    in Women

    In the beginning she was a girlfriend (with a boyfriend), a wife (with a husband), a mother. Now she's a girlfriend (with a girlfriend), a wife (with a wife). In other words, she is a Lesbian. You ask, what happened? When did this happen?

    Why are some women after living a heterosexual life are later on deciding to live a homosexual life? Were they always in denial? Did they experience a traumatic event? Did they know deep down inside that they were in fact gay, but were hoping that it would just "go away"?

    These are the questions that the ladies of Chocolate Sex and the City will also be asking while we discuss this very sensitive topic. So log on, call in and please join us for a show that we promise at the very least will be very interesting.

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