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Ro Lashua is a motivational speaker and freelance writer who has a passion for encouraging others. She believes in the power of Creating an Atmosphere of Respect and Excellence. Which creates the acronym of CARE. We all need more RESPECT and EXCELLENCE in our lives.

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Teamwork is something we ALL are involved in no matter where we work and even if we are self employed. We are on a team of some sort. It only takes two to make a team! How's your team going? How's your teamwork skills? Ro's mantra... more

Many employers this time of year ask us to set our goals for the coming year. Is it just a routine for you or do you put thought into it? Let's talk about how to put some thought into that and make meaningful goals for 2012!!!! It's going to be... more

Many times during the holidays we find ourselves in difficult situations. We find that others have expactations of us that are not our intentions. How do we deal with other's expectations of us in a proper way when there is a conflict? It... more

Good will towards men - mankind. How do we do this? We can know how. Even when we have those tiimes of difficult situations we can know the skills to have good times and live in peace. It IS possible. So, how can we have this ability to... more

Peace on earth is attainable. It starts with us! We can have peace - inner peace that is shared with others. We can attain peace because we know the key to peace. Listen to Ro discuss peace on earth and in our lives. So, how can we... more

Joy is an emotional word. It is about inner feelings that give us a deep sort of happiness. It's about that happiness that is not based on our circumstances. It is based on inner contentment. So, how can we have Joy? Listen to Ro's show and... more

This episode is about Thankfulness! It's really a scientific process. Learn about being Thankful and how that builds US up! Ro's mantra is CARE-Creating an Atmosphere of Respect and Excellence! We all need CARE! Ro Lashua is a... more

Are you a Tigger? Do you bounce back when life hits you in the face? Hitting the pavement or ground or some hard surface is inevitable but how we react to it depends on how we look at it. Tigger is the energetic character at Disney who... more

In these fretful economic times we need to know there are things that we can do to make ourselves more valuable to our employers. While we can't guarantee anyone to not be on the next layoff list, we can share important facts that are... more