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Depression, and how to deal with it. This is an area I know a little about, I have suffered with Depression for the last 8 years, after having 3 strokes and being hit with Cancer, I fell into a don't care world. Thank God He has brought me... more

8 simple step's to Prosperity

Prosperity through Stewardship 101, We will look at Money in differant ways, first how God don't need the money he lets you use every week or two, He already ownes it and you. Sinner or Saved. We need to look at why we have what we... more

Moma alway's said stay away from those people, some have unclean heart's & some unclean spirit's. They just don't have your best interest at hand. Tonight learn how you can find peoiple with your same idea's, your best interest at... more

Roger Smiley Ministries will be joined bt Pastor Ann of KSCM (The Knowledge Seeker Christian Ministry) is for Christians and other people, who seek greater knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bible. I am inviting you to join me in... more

Financial Stewardship

Getting Wisdom & Guidence from the Lord
.Evang. Roger Smiley

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  • by .Evang. Roger Smiley
Dear friends, I am sorry, but I don't have a blog here. Please see me on my blog space at: www.rogersmiley.com.wordpress.com I hope to here from you there. Thank you so very much for listening to my program, and taking time to write. In... more

Breaking Generational Curses

This week our topic is "Salvation" and how important it is to you.
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